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On Mon, May 11, 2009 at 4:48 PM, David Banes <dbanes at cleartext.com> wrote:

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> Can I raise a caution flag here as it occurs to me other email, IM or
> messaging platforms don't go this far and in my opinion we should avoid
> doing anything that discourages developers, especially smaller innovative
> types that are often cash poor, from adopting XMPP.
> Testing for compliance, and implementing feature sets to comply could
> become very expensive. We wouldn't want to end up in a situation where only
> the Microsoft's and Ciscos of the world can afford to get their XMPP
> solutions certified.
> This could mean that the smaller innovative developers get shut out of
> business opportunities even if they may have a 'better' solution.
> I've seen this happening whilst running a dev team for Symantec. Norton AV
> often got the big deals based on 'Certifications' when smaller companies
> often had better technology, but couldn't fund compliance testing and R&D.
> We might also consider who would be managing and policing such a scheme,
> this in itself will be expensive as XMPP becomes more popular.
> This said, I fully support the current scheme as a voluntary opt in.
> Food for thought.
I really don't see this as being a problem short term.  In the long term,
here's how I see things working (keep in mind, we've got a long way to go to
get there):

We would have a webapp on xmpp.org that a server or client developer could
register with and fill in some configuration values for their development
server.  They could run any test they want to, for free.  This provides a
huge time savings, and thus cost savings for the small developer, because
they have tests to develop against.  If they pass all of the automated tests
for a particular certificate, they could then fill out an application for
the XSF members to take time to certify their compliance.  The XSF would,
based on their own priorities, work through the list of applicants.  Maybe
donations would effect the XSF's priorities and maybe not.

I could see this system breaking down as XMPP gets more and more popular,
and we simply do not have enough members/time to make a significant dent in
the application list.  In the long, long, long term, perhaps the XSF members
wouldn't be enough to keep up with demand for certification.  I don't really
see it as being an issue in the next couple of years though.

The way I see it is that this can be a huge service for server developers,
big and small, that the XSF can provider to proliferate adoption.

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