[Members] proposed voting item: setting Board size to 4

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Fri Nov 6 14:04:27 CST 2009

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An XSF member pointed out to me that the items currently being voted on
do not completely solve the problem we set out to solve, because they
don't increase the Board size from 3 to 4!

Therefore, in accordance with Section 3.12 of the Bylaws, I propose that
we add another voting item to the meeting on November 24, namely:

   The Membership of the Corporation hereby sets the number of
   Directors to four (4).

This change will not be reflected in the Bylaws (which establishes only
that the number of Directors shall be between 3 and 7 -- or, assuming
approval of the proposed change to Section 4.4, between 3 and 5).
Instead, it will be noted as the standing policy of the XSF until the
Membership votes otherwise.

If five percent (5%) of the Members second this proposal, it will be
added to the agenda for the meeting on November 24. Because the XSF
currently has 46 members, that means only 2 people need to second this
motion in order to proceed. Naturally, normal voting rules apply to the
actual voting on this item (right now we're only try to get it on the
agenda), which means that in the meeting we'll need to raise a quorum
(one-third of the members = 14 people) and then a majority of the
quorate members will need to vote in favor.



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Peter Saint-Andre

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