[Members] minutes of XSF Annual Meeting, 2009-10-06

Remko Tronçon remko at el-tramo.be
Wed Oct 7 03:25:45 CDT 2009

> Anyway, why did you think you had to decide during the meeting ?
> More members should have been able to express their view, no ?

The members attending the meeting felt that it would be better to
leave the board in a sane state, even though it was probably
temporary. A sane state was voted to be 'an odd number of people'.
Now, there will probably be a vote for all members to see what to
actually do with the board: leave it at this, extend it to 5, or
extend it to 4.

> I feel that the XSF should go toward a more neutral, more open and more professional approach

Not commenting on the XSF's direction, I don't understand why one
would run for a position, and then afterwards claim that one wasn't
interested or believed in it anyway. That feels like mocking the XSF
members' judgement and trust, and doesn't help their credibility in
the future.


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