[Members] minutes of XSF Annual Meeting, 2009-10-06

Will Sheward will at willsheward.co.uk
Wed Oct 7 04:13:48 CDT 2009

Nicolas Vérité wrote:
> Wow, what a thread! ;-)

Yes ;-)

> See what I meant by saying that maybe that Board disccusions should
> not be *that* opened to members?
> It was a Board decision to make, not a members decision, 

I don't think the Board can make a decision about its own size or 
composition. It can merely propose options to the membership. I hope the 
Board will be able to propose a way forward quickly, after listening to 
the membership comments expressed on this mailing list and elsewhere.

> Sorry for my poor english, please read between the lines, to
> understand that I'm just wishing to help, not flame.
I think we all understand that Nyco.


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