[Members] XMPP Roundups and more

Nicolas Vérité nicolas.verite at gmail.com
Wed Oct 7 05:05:42 CDT 2009

Hi all members,

I would like the enhance the XMPP Roundups:
* I would like to write more text, as it is too consice now, I'd like
to ad more explainations so that the readers want to test and use, and
finally I want to give more credit since code is written by people.
* the spanish community translates the XMPP Roundup
http://www.jabberes.org/node/1139 congrats and thanks to you naw! The
french community tries to do so:
http://wiki.jabberfr.org/Tour_d%27horizon_de_XMPP_12 (work to be
finished, many thanks to Misc). Any other community that would like to
translate them?
* I am still open to your link contributions of course... ;-)

To go further, the XMPP community members (not only XSF members) have
blogs, forums, wikis and microblogs, it would be nice to write about
XMPP more, like tests, with screenshots and screencasts, that demoes
the news and updated stuff we mention in the XMPP Roundup, in any

What do ou think of it?
Nicolas Vérité (Nÿco) mailto:nicolas.verite at gmail.com
Jabber ID : xmpp:nyco at jabber.fr
http://linuxfr.org/ - http://fr.wikipedia.org/ - http://www.jabberfr.org/
http://xmpp.org - http://april.org/  - http://qsos.org/

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