[Members] XMPP Roundups and more

Will Sheward will at willsheward.co.uk
Wed Oct 7 05:30:13 CDT 2009

Nicolas Vérité wrote:

> To go further, the XMPP community members (not only XSF members) have
> blogs, forums, wikis and microblogs, it would be nice to write about
> XMPP more, like tests, with screenshots and screencasts, that demoes
> the news and updated stuff we mention in the XMPP Roundup, in any
> language.
> What do ou think of it?
More XMPP articles are always good (although I cannot help wth 
translations - sometimes not even English ). Perhaps we could invite 
those people who have had products or services featured in your roundups 
to contribute xmpp-related posts to the blog? Not all will be interested 
but some might be*. We could/should also encourage those people who are 
featured in the roundups to post news of new roundups to their blogs.

I think a lot of us with blogs (company or personal) might be able to do 
more to promote the XSF through simply re-posting news of the XMPP 
roundup and linking to each new edition of it as well as publicising the 
roundups in any xmpp-related groups that we belong to (local meetup 
groups, linkedin groups) and informing journalists who we know have 
written about xmpp. These are fairly simple, sensible steps.


*We could also talk to them about membership applications.

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