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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
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On 10/7/09 4:05 AM, Nicolas Vérité wrote:
> Hi all members,

Hi Nÿco! :)

> I would like the enhance the XMPP Roundups:
> * I would like to write more text, as it is too consice now, I'd like
> to ad more explainations so that the readers want to test and use, and
> finally I want to give more credit since code is written by people.

It doesn't (all) need to be done by you. We could find some more people
to help.

> * the spanish community translates the XMPP Roundup
> http://www.jabberes.org/node/1139 congrats and thanks to you naw! The
> french community tries to do so:
> http://wiki.jabberfr.org/Tour_d%27horizon_de_XMPP_12 (work to be
> finished, many thanks to Misc). Any other community that would like to
> translate them?

Not that I know of, but the existing translations are good.

> * I am still open to your link contributions of course... ;-)

I suggest that we could have a page at wiki.xmpp.org where people could
contribute links and story ideas.

> To go further, the XMPP community members (not only XSF members) have
> blogs, forums, wikis and microblogs, it would be nice to write about
> XMPP more, like tests, with screenshots and screencasts, that demoes
> the news and updated stuff we mention in the XMPP Roundup, in any
> language.
> What do ou think of it?

I am not that interested in promoting the XSF itself, because it is just
an organization and I try to resist what I call the "organizational
imperative". Promoting XMPP technologies, especially good solutions to
real-world problems using XMPP, is another story.


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