[Members] minutes of XSF Annual Meeting, 2009-10-06

Will Sheward will at willsheward.co.uk
Thu Oct 8 04:56:02 CDT 2009

Nicolas Vérité wrote:
> Radomness is cool, and stability is mandatory for our core tasks.
> We got raw manpower willing to help.
> Why not create a team for... well let's say the bad words, something
> like communication and marketing. But let me explain: the team that
> will write articles in news sites and xmpp.org, the one that will
> gather our missing contributors (the professionals and experts that
> are not presently here). 

I seem to recall reading in old meeting minutes that there used to be a 
marketing 'team' in the XSF many years ago (I'm not sure if it was a SIG 
or a Working Group - or indeed what the difference is!).

The main issue we've faced recently however is not 'doing things' but 
rather 'deciding what things to do'. You are right that the manpower is 
certainly there to do these tasks but first we need to decide what those 
tasks are, while also allowing for freedom of action for innovative 
ideas, so that the members can decide which of these tasks they feel 
capable or able (from a time perspective) to contribute to. So, it is 
good that you are giving us a kick up the backside to do this :-)

Writing articles (for the XSF Blog and for other blogs and 
publications), encouraging membership applications, contributing news 
stories towards the roundup blog posts have all been siggested so far 
and all are good ideas. Maintaining the website, chasing up sponsors, 
maintaining an events calendar, organising conference events (FOSDEM and 
OSCON), encouraging members attending other conferences to do what they 
can to promote the XSF at them, maintaining a database of "xmpp 
friendly" journalists, bloggers and companies.....

It's a long list :-)


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