[Members] RE : Re: Metaproposals 3 and 4 - Council Candidate Limitations and Appointment Appeals

Remko Tronçon remko at el-tramo.be
Thu Oct 8 06:02:40 CDT 2009

> I am just questionning, looking for *other* opinions.

My opinion (although I'm also involved): the only people who should be
concerned are the people actually applying. Last year, Kev and I
discussed the risk of neither of us being on council if we would both
apply (stealing votes from each other). Luckily, one of us made the
threshold despite that risk. You obviously also perceived this 'risk',
which is why you chose to distinguish yourself from Mickael in your
application (which indeed is sensible; perhaps I should have done that

To illustrate my point with this year's figures: 39 people voted. If
the majority of people would have thought it was a problem that both
Kev and I were on council, then we would both have had around 20
votes, and neither of us would have been on council.


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