[Members] Metaproposals 3 and 4 - Council Candidate Limitations and Appointment Appeals

Florian Jensen admin at flosoft.biz
Thu Oct 8 08:16:27 CDT 2009

On 08 Oct 2009, at 14:08, Dave Cridland wrote:

> On Thu Oct  8 13:26:37 2009, Fabio Forno wrote:
>> On Thu, Oct 8, 2009 at 11:42 AM, Dave Cridland <dave at cridland.net>  
>> wrote:
>> > If you *do* want to impose limits, you'll need to do them on the  
>> basis of
>> > canidature and not election, therefore, and I suspect that  
>> there's a risk of
>> > imposing so many limits that we lose out. I personally think  
>> there are times
>> > when the best Council achievable from the candidates standing is  
>> quite
>> > likely to have multiple people from the same company.
>> It depends on many things, sometimes it is also better to have as  
>> many
>> points of view as possible. However there is a strong limit that I
>> would impose on election: no more than majority minus one from the
>> same organization (then the difficult is to define organization,  
>> since
>> companies are different than open source projects)
> Actually, someone pointed out to me privately that for the Council,  
> it really doesn't matter much unless the organization controls all  
> the seats, because the Council operates by Veto.
> To give a concrete example, if you happen to be of the opinion that  
> Isode are, in fact, Evil, and will try to use our positions to our  
> Evil ends, then it doesn't matter that both Kevin and myself will be  
> working for Isode - we only need one of us on the Council in order  
> to exercise a veto, and subvert the whole thing into an Evil  
> Council. So to a large extent, if you're concerned about any  
> particular organization's Evil Intentions, then you need to ensure  
> that *nobody* from that organization is voted into a position on the  
> Council.
> Evil Kevin reminded me, though, that the Council appointments and  
> removals are done by majority vote, and I forgot these in my  
> Proposal 4 - that would, of course, provide protection against Evil  
> Me and Evil Kevin gradually removing Good Remko, Good Ralph, and  
> Good Matthew and replacing them with Evil Kurt, Evil Curtis, and  
> Evil Alexey, for a fully Evil Council.
> Not that we would, of course - Evil Alexey is too busy subverting  
> the IESG, and, by extension, the entire IETF, of course, and hasn't  
> time to subvert *two* SDOs. But I hope you all appreciate the amount  
> of thought and time we put into corrupting these organizations for  
> our Evil Ends.
> On a personal note, I would say that it's not easy being Evil. Every  
> now and then I may slip up, and inadvertantly do useful work, for  
> the common good. Should you observe any failures to be Evil, please  
> do let me know.
> Dave.
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Entertaining as usual :)

I don't see any reason to limit the amount of people from a single  
company in the council or board. As long as the membership has a  
limit, the members can always ask for people to be removed of the  
council or board, if the membership feels that it needs to.


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