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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
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So let's make a list of possible teams. Some of these already exist in
various forms. Here are a few...

1. Infrastructure. This team works on system administration and tools,
such as source control, website plumbing, mailing list administration,
DNS, certificates, XEP conversions to HTML and PDF (thanks Tobias!), and
the like. This team already exists but could be more formal (e.g., I
doubt that XSF members know who does all this work).

2. Marketing and Communications. This team works on blog posts, the
xmpp.org website, whitepapers, case studies, pruning the wiki, etc.
Currently this is mostly done by me, Nyco, and Will. We could use some help.

3. Spec Review. This team doesn't exist. Reviews happen haphazardly for
XEPs in the inbox, Last Call, Call for Experience, and the all-important
old specs that need to be maintained and updated. This team might also
review schemas and examples for accuracy, etc.

4. Interoperability. This team doesn't exist, although Fritzy has done a
bit of work here (thanks, Nathan!). Let's build a good test suite, keep
track of existing implementations so that we can have focused interop
testing, run interop events at the XMPP Summit meetings, find a way to
do online testing, etc.

5. Conferences. We need people to plan the Summit meetings, send
speakers to other conferences, etc. No team here yet -- this has mostly
been done by me and the Board.

6. Recruitment and Membership. Let's recruit more active members, help
those who are members, provide mentoring to new members, etc. No team
here yet.

That's plenty to get started with...


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