[Members] Proposal 1 - Board Limit proposal

Jack Moffitt jack at collecta.com
Thu Oct 8 12:27:19 CDT 2009

>>  This proposal would change the bylaws so that the board size could
>> be any number between 3 and 5 members, inclusive.
> The membership can already choose to do this - I'm not clear why the
> membership is to be denied the choice to increase the Board size if it so
> chooses?

I guess I don't quite understand. I was under the impression that the
membership votes were voting for changes to the bylaws.  So we all
voted in the meeting to change the bylaws to make hte limit 3 members
from it's current 3 to 7. I'm just proposing that the membership vote
to change it again to 3 to 5.

> I disagree with Proposal 2, therefore I obviously disagree with this - I
> think in the event that the Executive Director position is empty, the tie is
> resolved by a casting vote by the Chair. (But see my additional proposal
> about appealing appointments).

Do you disagree with it entirely, or just with the tie break part?
I'm fine to change it to tiebreak by ED, followed by the Chair,
followed by secretary, etc, finally ending with a random selection.
If you want no random selection at all, then that means we will have
to have a vote from the membership and accept the fact that some board
resolutions may be deadlocked.

Personally, I don't see a problem allowing a deadlock here some of the
time.  As David has said in another thread, it just means you work
harder to find a solution that is more generally acceptable. So I
guess I'm also find changing it to add more tie breaks from officers,
etc, and no random selection fallback. And now that I've been thinking
on this a while, I'm starting to prefer this solution.


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