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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Fri Oct 9 09:11:59 CDT 2009

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On 10/9/09 1:15 AM, Remko Tronçon wrote:
>> 1. Give each XSF member an @xmpp.org JID.
>> 2. Host chatrooms for the Board, Council, general membership, and
>> specific work teams.
>> 3. Integrate pubsub into our processes (new XEP announcements, bug
>> reporting, etc.).
> +1 on 2,3. Not sure about 1:
> - What extra value would an xmpp.org JID bring?
> - Membership is limited to a year. Would you use your JID anywhere
> publicly, knowing that you might lose it in the future? (and that
> someone else might take it over?). Or is it a life long JID? How about
> the overhead for the infrastructure team to quarterly manage the JIDs
> (e.g. ask what JIDs new members prefer, check what JIDs need to be
> removed, ...)
> - Do we reuse JIDs (e.g. if John resigns, and another John joins, can
> he still have john at xmpp.org)?
> - Do you ever use free e-mail addresses you get from other places? :-)

I think it would make it easier to maintain the list of people who are
allowed to join the board chatroom, have the "member" affiliation in MUC
rooms at muc.xmpp.org, etc. -- just allow anyone with an @xmpp.org JID.
If you're no longer a member, we destroy your account.


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