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Here is an informal description of the proposed technical review team.


The XSF's Technical Review Team is responsible for completing technical
reviews of XMPP Extension Protocols (XEPs). The team can review
specifications on its own initiative or when requested to do so by the
XMPP Council, and at any stage in the XSF's standards process, including:

  * Before a "ProtoXEP" is accepted for publication by the XMPP Council
  * While a XEP is in the Experimental state
  * During a Last Call related to advancement of a specification from
Experimental to Draft (or Active)
  * While a XEP is in the Draft state
  * During a Call for Experience related to advancement of a
specification from Draft to Final
  * While a XEP is in the Final state


This team is yet to be formed. I think it would be structured like
similar teams at the IETF (apps-review, gen-art, secdir, xmldir). We
will have a team lead and a "roster" of volunteers who tell the team
lead what topics they are interested in or have expertise in. The team
lead will then assign reviews to particular people on the team. Because
we don't have *that* many specifications to review, I would expect that
each team member will probably review one or two specs a year, depending
on how many people want to serve on this team. We would also define a
review template to make the reviewer's job easier. The team lead would
be responsible for tracking pending and completed reviews. Reviews would
be sent to the standards at xmpp.org list.


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