[Members] XSF Board Meeting Minutes #2

Florian Jensen admin at flosoft.biz
Thu Oct 22 17:47:21 CDT 2009

Second meeting of the 9th XSF Board.

Meeting logs will be sent out in a second E-mail.

1. Roll call.
All Board members attended.

2. Board Size
The Board would like to ask the members to vote for an increase of the  
current board size to 4, in order to add Nicolas Verite to the board.  
It would also like to ask the members to vote to accept the second  
proposal outlined in the last meeting.
These votes should be added to the upcoming votes for membership  

3. FOSDEM / XMPP Summit
We are looking for everyone's help on the following points, in order  
to make this the best FOSDEM / XMPP Summit yet.

* Secure FOSDEM Dev Room and Stand - Communicate with FOSDEM organisers
The board has decided to go ahead and request a stand and devroom  
(once possible) at FOSDEM.

* Prepare and maintain Summit 8 page.
The board will setup a page dedicated to the 8th XMPP Summit on the xmpp.org 

* Find a dinner location and dinner sponsors.
Sponsors will be discussed in depth during the next meeting.

* Collect and choose talk proposals
We were thinking of setting up a wiki page where members and other  
peoples who are interested can write down their ideas for different  
Don't only write down what talk you would like to give, but also what  
talk you would like to hear.

* Find a hotel for the XMPP Summit Part
The Board will need to find a Hotel for the next XMPP Summit.
We would like to ask the people who attended last year for their  
opinion about the Hotel and for other Hotel suggestions.

The next Board Meeting:
Date: Wednesday 28.10.09 at 17:00 UTC / GMT
Where: board at conference.jabber.org

The board would like to officially invite Nicolas Verite and all other  
XSF Members to join this meeting.

Brief Financial Report by Peter Saint-Andre

Hope to see you there.

Florian Jensen
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