[Members] Board Meeting Logs for 2009-10-21

Florian Jensen admin at flosoft.biz
Thu Oct 22 17:47:44 CDT 2009

The logs from today's meeting are below.


*** 2009-10-21
[17:01:07] *** stpeter has set the subject to: XSF Board Room
[17:01:10] <Florian> sorry :)
[17:01:14] <Florian> missed the iCal :)
[17:01:22] <Will> it's all right, not sure Jack's really here yet
[17:02:00] <Will> i was just messin with you.
[17:02:03] <Florian> :D
[17:03:10] <Florian> I think he'll be here in a minute
[17:03:35] <Will> i'm sure he will
[17:04:02] <jack> i'm here
[17:04:07] <Florian> yay :)
[17:04:13] <Florian> so, let's start I'd say
[17:04:17] <jack> is nyco coming?
[17:04:27] <Florian> He's not online atm
[17:04:57] <Will> i think it'd be a bit short notice for him if he did  
but making sure we invite him next time should be no.1 on the agenda
[17:05:11] <Florian> check :)
[17:05:35] <Florian> so, I had 2 things to talk about in my mail
[17:05:45] <Florian> 1. The final board.
[17:06:01] <Florian> since there will be member elections soon, we  
should add this to the vote
[17:06:41] <Florian> so I would propose, we ask the members to extend  
the current board size to 4 and add Nyco.
[17:06:48] <Will> i agree
[17:07:13] <jack> and also add our two proposals
[17:07:31] <Will> yes
[17:07:32] <Florian> right.
[17:07:37] <jack> conversation died down on prop 2, so i'll take that  
as rough consensus
[17:08:17] <jack> looks like prop1 issues are resolved by prop2.
[17:08:34] <Florian> right
[17:08:52] <Florian> anything else to say about that?
[17:09:03] <Will> i think it's all been said on list
[17:09:12] <Florian> right
[17:09:32] <Florian> so the next topic would be, FOSDEM / XMPP Summit
[17:10:00] <Will> I note that we can get an application in for stand  
now but not yet for a dev room
[17:10:14] <Will> as they are 'reworking' the concept
[17:10:21] <Florian> right. Who handled this last year?
[17:10:26] <Florian> i.e. the talks with the FOSDEM people
[17:10:28] <Will> peter probably
[17:10:30] <jack> peter and florian?
[17:10:47] <Florian> I didn't do anything with the FOSDEM people, but  
I would be up for the task :)
[17:10:59] <jack> i tihnk we need to ask for one or two volunteers to  
work on this, and give them a couple of concrete tasks
[17:11:09] <jack> i think the list of stuff is like this:
[17:11:20] <jack> 1) secure FOSDEM dev room and communicate with  
FOSDEM organizers
[17:11:33] <jack> 2) prepare and maintain summit-8 (or 9?) page
[17:12:05] <jack> 3) find a dinner location and dinner sponsors
[17:12:34] <jack> 4) collect and choose talk proposals
[17:13:02] <Florian> I would be up for 1,3 mainly, but could  
definitely help out with 2 and 4
[17:13:07] <jack> we usually have a booth as well, so we will need to  
find one or two volunteers to staff the booth
[17:13:18] <Will> 5) Find a hotel for the XMPP Summit part
[17:13:33] <jack> yeah, #5 was the hardest part last year :)
[17:13:34] <Will> 6) apply for a stand/booth
[17:13:52] <Will> jack: we should canvas opinions on the quality of  
the place we used last year
[17:14:02] <jack> yeah
[17:14:04] <Will> see if people would be ok with a re-booking
[17:14:11] <Florian> right
[17:15:00] <Will> We should also try to be more active this year in  
using the stand as raising interest in XSF membership applications  
(but that sort of detail can wait)
[17:15:19] <Florian> yeah
[17:15:53] <Will> perhaps a wiki page for members to jot down talk  
proposals and promotional ideas they have
[17:16:08] <Florian> sounds good
[17:16:57] <Florian> for the Summit page, we had that on the XMPP.org  
website last year, which was quite nice to maintain
[17:17:23] <Florian> I would still use that for the finalised  
[17:17:29] <Florian> instead of the wiki
[17:17:39] <Will> yeah but wiki's are good for ideas
[17:17:45] <Will> and kicking them about
[17:18:45] <Florian> so yeah, I've got some spare time to work on the  
FOSDEM stuff
[17:18:56] <Florian> and I'll be local in December / January
[17:20:35] <Will> so - on another subject are we resolved that the  
next meeting should include Nyco (if not held after the whole  
membership election thing)
[17:20:47] <Florian> +1
[17:23:44] <Florian> is that all about FOSDEM for now?
[17:24:19] <Will> I think so, Jack's list looks complete. We should  
consolidate it on Board, then post to Members for volunteers/ideas
[17:24:27] <Florian> right
[17:24:43] <Will> it's important i think to announce our intention to  
be at fosdem as early as possible
[17:24:51] <Florian> yes
[17:26:00] <Florian> another question: what about the XSF finances /  
[17:26:08] <Florian> what needs to be done there?
[17:26:16] <Will> we need to quiz peter about the state of the funds.
[17:26:29] <Will> we also need to get our act together with regards to  
[17:26:36] <Florian> should we invite him to the meeting now?
[17:26:44] <Will> we had a discussion about this last year but it  
fizzled out
[17:27:16] <Florian> right, should I quickly invite Peter about this?
[17:27:32] <Will> not unless he's got all the info to hand - i think  
giving him time to prepare would be better
[17:27:40] <Will> put finances on agenda for next meeting
[17:27:51] <Florian> will add it to my scribbles
[17:27:55] <Will> as fosdem will cost money
[17:28:10] <Will> .. of course, we're assuming you'll do all the  
fundraising from now on florian
[17:28:10] <Florian> indeed.
[17:28:15] <Will> :-)
[17:28:26] <jack> got stuck on phone
[17:28:30] <jack> back in a few secs
[17:28:34] <Florian> ok
[17:28:40] <Florian> so I'd say, also add Sponsors to the next meeting?
[17:29:00] <Will> +1
[17:30:26] <Will> I'd also like to propose that we invite members into  
the next board meeting
[17:31:23] <Florian> ok, fair enough. Might be good once we start  
talking about sponsors :)
[17:31:48] <Will> yes, they might have some contacts/ideas
[17:32:21] <Florian> another thing I would suggest, is to have the  
next board meeting relatively soon, to see that there has been some  
progress made on the Board size stuff and get FOSDEM going (we don't  
want to miss any deadlines)
[17:32:54] <Will> ok - i'm ok for that
[17:33:59] <Florian> I would say next Wednesday, same time?
[17:35:57] <Will> that's ok for me.
[17:36:35] <jack> back
[17:37:23] <jack> +1 for next board meeting about sponsorship
[17:37:26] <jack> and inviitng members
[17:37:50] <jack> we can let everyone know what we'd like with regards  
to sponsorsip, and ask everyone to see what they can do, etc :
[17:38:51] <Florian> right
[17:40:18] <Florian> what about the time for the next meeting?
[17:40:29] <jack> i'm fine for next wednesday at this time
[17:41:43] <Florian> anything else?
[17:41:49] <Will> nothing here
[17:43:04] <Florian> jack ?
[17:44:16] <jack> nothing here
[17:44:20] <Florian> In that case, should we make the meeting logs  
[17:44:24] <jack> +1
[17:44:40] <Will> +1

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