[Members] XSF Board Meeting Minutes #2

David Banes dbanes at cleartext.com
Thu Oct 22 18:09:04 CDT 2009

So, are the board session open to all now?



On 23/10/2009, at 9:47 AM, Florian Jensen wrote:

> Second meeting of the 9th XSF Board.
> Meeting logs will be sent out in a second E-mail.
> 1. Roll call.
> All Board members attended.
> 2. Board Size
> The Board would like to ask the members to vote for an increase of  
> the current board size to 4, in order to add Nicolas Verite to the  
> board. It would also like to ask the members to vote to accept the  
> second proposal outlined in the last meeting.
> These votes should be added to the upcoming votes for membership  
> applications.
> 3. FOSDEM / XMPP Summit
> We are looking for everyone's help on the following points, in order  
> to make this the best FOSDEM / XMPP Summit yet.
> * Secure FOSDEM Dev Room and Stand - Communicate with FOSDEM  
> organisers
> The board has decided to go ahead and request a stand and devroom  
> (once possible) at FOSDEM.
> * Prepare and maintain Summit 8 page.
> The board will setup a page dedicated to the 8th XMPP Summit on the  
> xmpp.org website.
> * Find a dinner location and dinner sponsors.
> Sponsors will be discussed in depth during the next meeting.
> * Collect and choose talk proposals
> We were thinking of setting up a wiki page where members and other  
> peoples who are interested can write down their ideas for different  
> talks.
> Don't only write down what talk you would like to give, but also  
> what talk you would like to hear.
> * Find a hotel for the XMPP Summit Part
> The Board will need to find a Hotel for the next XMPP Summit.
> We would like to ask the people who attended last year for their  
> opinion about the Hotel and for other Hotel suggestions.
> The next Board Meeting:
> Date: Wednesday 28.10.09 at 17:00 UTC / GMT
> Where: board at conference.jabber.org
> The board would like to officially invite Nicolas Verite and all  
> other XSF Members to join this meeting.
> Topics:
> Brief Financial Report by Peter Saint-Andre
> Sponsors
> Hope to see you there.
> Florian Jensen

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