[Members] Minutes of the 3rd Meeting of the 9th Council (2009-10-26)

Nathan Fritz nathanfritz at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 01:03:15 CDT 2009

Third meeting of the 9th XSF Council, Kevin Smith presiding.
Meeting logs can be found at
Meeting minutes can also be found at

1) Roll call.

David Cridland, Matthew Wild, Kevin Smith, Ralph Meijer attending.
Remko Tronçon sends apologies.

2) Agenda Bashing.


3) XEP-0226: Message Stanza Profiles, Issue Last Call?

A consensus is reached on issuing a last call on XEP-0226, although
Matthew Wild notes that he finds the XEP pointless.

4) Reviewing of Peter Saint-Andre's Notes.

4a) Has the roadmap been updated?

Kevin Smith agrees to update the roadmap.

4b) Would we like to set a schedule for those items?

David Cridland suggests that the new Tech Review Team reviews XEP-0227.
Peter Saint Andre has created a new list for the Tech Review Team at

4c) "We've had some discussion on the BOSH list about registering port
5280 with IANA and also defining a default path for BOSH services. I
think it would be good for the Council to discuss these matters so
that we can move forward if desired."

A general consensus is reached to register the port, but a consensus
is not reached on default paths.

4d) "The page at http://xmpp.org/protocols/ it is very likely out of
date and missing some information. Perhaps this is a task that one of
the XSF teams can complete. Let's discuss what we think is

It is suggested that the Tech Review Team reviews this page.

4e) "Some of the XEPs need new maintainers because I can't keep up
with them all anymore (e.g. I have asked Brian Cully to take on
maintainership of the PubSub Collections spec, and regarding XEPs 253
and 254 see <http://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/pubsub/2009-October/000454.html>).
Does the Council think that we need a policy on maintainership of

The council agrees that no policy is needed.

4) Date of next meeting?

2009-11-02 @ 19:00 UTC

5) Any other business?


Kevin Smith bangs the gavel.

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