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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
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On 9/1/09 2:25 PM, Dave Cridland wrote:
> On Tue Sep  1 20:01:09 2009, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>>    2. The Council provides technical leadership for the XSF by managing
>> the XSF's standards process, deciding which proposals to accept as
>> official XEPs, voting on advancement of XEPs through the process from
>> Experimental to Draft to Final, and providing oversight for the
>> functions of the XMPP Extensions Editor and the XMPP Registrar. Those
>> who serve on the XMPP Council are required to be elected members of
>> the XSF.
> I'd like to encourage people to stand for Council - we have a number of
> XSF Members who are more than capable of performing the Council role
> really well, and I'd personally like to see new people on the Council -
> not because our existing Council is poor, but new blood is always good,
> and elections aren't much fun if you can guess the outcome.

+1. :)

> I've not yet decided whether to stand or not, but if you're interested
> in knowing what the position involves in practise, then feel free to
> contact me. I'll keep such things confidential if you'd like, of course.


BTW Council meetings are open to the public so you are always welcome to
join and see what happens there. You can add them to your calendar by
tracking http://xmpp.org/xsf/XSF.ics


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