[Members] OFFICIAL MEETING NOTICE: board and council elections

Will Sheward will at willsheward.co.uk
Thu Sep 17 03:06:22 CDT 2009

David Banes wrote:
> My notes below as a current board member.
> It's normal for a board to issue minutes of a meeting, not normal for 
> members (employees etc) to take part. Meetings could quickly 
> de-generate and occasionally a board needs to thrash out options on 
> important decisions that it doesn't want to be made public.

This isn't a normal organisation :-)

I can see no problem (given the mundane nature of 99% of all of the 
Board chat - re-read the chat logs and you'll see what I mean) with open 
Board meetings - maybe not every one but certainly some.
>> In my experience all of the current Board members have regularly
>> attended the meetings. However, that is purely anecdotal. Minutes would
>> help clarify the matter.
> This is difficult to quantify as the Board is by nature an advisory 
> body, generally a Board gets together when their are issue that the 
> body needs guidance on. In this regard we've all attended most and 
> missed a few, which is normal in my experience.

We could publish minutes or just publish the chat logs if nobody fancies 
writing up the notes. We could expunge sensitive information from closed 
Board meeting logs. There are lots of options and permutations available 
to us to make the Board more open. The Board shouldn't just meet when 
there are specific issues to be addressed, there are lots of 
organisational issues the Board can take a lead on - certainly enough to 
justify monthly meetings.

The important thing is that we do something. Transparancy cures a lot of 
ills and can motivate Board members to get some things done.


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