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My recent actions (e.g., not standing for the XMPP Council elections)
seem to have confused some people, so I want to provide some context.

I have been nominated to serve for two years on the Internet Engineering
Steering Group (IESG), which is the core technical committee at the
IETF. Even though there is no guarantee that I will be selected by the
IETF's Nominating Committee, it is quite possible that I will end up
serving on the IESG from March 2010 through March 2012. The IESG role
would take probably 50-70% of my time, so I would have less time for XSF
activities (which have been pretty much a full-time job for me since
2002). In the interest of planning ahead, I am actively encouraging
other XSF members to serve on the XMPP Council, assist with XEP Editor
duties and XMPP Registrar functions and infrastructure tasks, plan XMPP
Summit meetings, maintain existing XEPs, write new XEPs, etc. I will
post in the near future about how you can get involved with some of
these activities, and I want to stress that I will still be doing a lot
of work on XMPP even if I am selected to serve on the IESG, but I wanted
to provide a bit of context so that no one goes into a panic. ;-)



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