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If I'm not elected then I'll just relax while everyone else does the
work. ;-)

On 9/21/09 1:16 PM, Adam Nemeth wrote:
> http://archive.fosdem.org/2007/schedule/images/speaker-22-128x128.jpg
> http://www.it.com.cn/f/news/0710/29/google-hires-vint-cerf-the-founding-father-of-the-internet-2.jpg
> No hair, beard given, author of a famous internet protocol... perfect
> candidate :)
> Good Luck - but what will happen in case (not that I'd see any chance
> for it to happen, but) you won't be elected? :) We know you wanted to
> have a bit of generation change in the XSF since years anyway... :)
> On Mon, Sep 21, 2009 at 6:51 PM, Peter Saint-Andre <stpeter at stpeter.im
> <mailto:stpeter at stpeter.im>> wrote:
> My recent actions (e.g., not standing for the XMPP Council elections)
> seem to have confused some people, so I want to provide some context.
> I have been nominated to serve for two years on the Internet Engineering
> Steering Group (IESG), which is the core technical committee at the
> IETF. Even though there is no guarantee that I will be selected by the
> IETF's Nominating Committee, it is quite possible that I will end up
> serving on the IESG from March 2010 through March 2012. The IESG role
> would take probably 50-70% of my time, so I would have less time for XSF
> activities (which have been pretty much a full-time job for me since
> 2002). In the interest of planning ahead, I am actively encouraging
> other XSF members to serve on the XMPP Council, assist with XEP Editor
> duties and XMPP Registrar functions and infrastructure tasks, plan XMPP
> Summit meetings, maintain existing XEPs, write new XEPs, etc. I will
> post in the near future about how you can get involved with some of
> these activities, and I want to stress that I will still be doing a lot
> of work on XMPP even if I am selected to serve on the IESG, but I wanted
> to provide a bit of context so that no one goes into a panic. ;-)
> Thanks,
> Peter

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