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Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Tue Feb 16 05:01:41 CST 2010

On Tue Feb 16 10:38:27 2010, Will Sheward wrote:
> Dave Cridland wrote:
>> On Tue Feb 16 10:03:38 2010, Will Sheward wrote:
>>> The way I've done it on the new site is to list clients simply,  
>>> with all of their supported platforms, and make the table both  
>>> sortable and searchable. Having 1 column per operating system is  
>>> a recipe for a VERY wide table eventually.
>>> I stuck a sample up at http://willsheward.net/?page_id=8
>> That's very pretty - sorry, Visually Compelling - but I think that  
>> there's a couple of problems.
>> First off, people do, I think, look for cross-platform clients, in  
>> the cases where they have multiple platforms in their  
>> organizations and wish to support a single client if possible.  
>> These people will have to visually inspect the list.
> Err, have you tried typing the list of platforms you want into the  
> search box?

Nope. :-)

>> Secondly, sorting the list doesn't actually put all the Windows  
>> capable clients together, and there's no way of getting a neat  
>> list of Mac OS X clients.
> Errr, have you tried typing 'MacOS' into the search box?

Nope. :-)

>> I suspect what you actually want is to have some checkboxes at the  
>> top to allow the suer to list, say, only clients which can run on  
>> Mac OS X and Windows. 
> Search box.

See, I didn't think I needed to search, I just wanted a quick list of  
clients for the platforms I cared about. Maybe I'm weird, especially  
given the recent amusement over RWW and Facebook Login.

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