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* Roll Call

Peter Saint-Andre, Kevin Smith, Fabio Forno, Safa Sofuoğlu, Luca
Tagliaferri, Michael Grigutsch, Neil Stratford, and Peter Mount.
Tuomas Koski joined later.

* Agenda bashing

No one added anything to the agenda.

* Intros

StPeter confirmed with Safa Sofuoğlu the correct spelling of his surname for
the memberlist.

* MUC review

stpeter started the ball rolling with the XEP-0045 review but has not had
chance to post them since FOSDEM, but committed to posting about Section 7
this week.

It was agreed that the  improvements Ralph Meijer and Joe Hildebrand had in
Bruxelles is out of scope of the review but probably should be part of a Muc
2.0 specification.

Discussion then moved on to unspecified features like retrieval of avatars
of participants, PEP-in-Muc (or "MEP"?) and if they should form part of the
current review in section 7 or in a 2.0 xep. Fabio volunteered with a plan
to verify how it works against the 4 to 5 major servers then to document it.

* XEP process

Discussion then moved on how to improve the XEP process as stpeter will be
serving for the next 2 years on the IESG so would not have the 14-16 hours a
day available to him.

First suggested by stpeter was to bug tracker to manage change requests,
which could then be passed to the relevant XEP author, maintainer or the
review team.

Kevin mentioned the review team shouldn't be making wholesale changes to an
xep thats still maintained by the author. Discussion moved to how this could
be done, especially with those specifications who's author's are no longer
maintaining them or are no longer contactable.

It also brought up attribution of changes, so Kevin proposed splitting the
current Author/Co-Author entries in the XEP's with Author/Co-Author,
Maintainer and Contributor. Fabio added to this as a means for someone to be
able to contact the current maintainer of an XEP.

Another problem is the number of "authors" against each xep. Kevin noted
that currently it is difficult on some as they have numerous authors, most
of whom are now inactive. stpeter mentioned to post to the
standards at xmpp.org or appropriate lists as the best way to do this.

* Team lead

It was proposed for Fabio Forno to be the team lead with +1 from Kevin,
Peter Mount, and Luca Tagliaferi. As the board needs to approve the team
leads this is going to be passed to the next Board meeting (2010 Feb 24).

* Any other business?

There was no other business.

* Next meeting

It was proposed that the next meeting should be in two weeks, with Tuesdays
and Thursdays being bad days due to team member commitments. Fabio will be
sending an email to the tech review list later to organise the next meeting.

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