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Wed Mar 24 08:51:05 CDT 2010

I am working on finishing the profile today/tonight (yesterday was my
wife's birthday so I was a bit distracted ;) )

but yes, we definitely need to get some ideas churning. I think anyone
who is considering being a mentor could help by just starting to talk
about GSoC in general terms in their mailing list of choice - that
will help keep GSoC at the forefront of peoples thoughts.

Please don't hesitate to poke, prod, remind me or the list if
something isn't happening in a similar manner as before - I'm coming
at this with fresh eyes so lack the history that Peter brought to the
task :)


2010/3/24 Safa <safasofuoglu at gmail.com>:
> Hello Everyone,
> For those that may not have heard yet, we have been accepted into Google
> Summer of Code. Thanks to stpeter an bear for their overall efforts. Google
> begins accepting student applications on March 29, and I see that we still
> need to complete our organization profile. I also think that we should begin
> posting our ideas to the wiki page (
> http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Summer_of_Code_2010 ).
> 2010/3/12 Peter Saint-Andre <stpeter at stpeter.im>
>> On 2/27/10 2:51 AM, bear wrote:
>> > ok after having talked a bit with my wife and also mentioned this to
>> > my new boss, I am more than willing to step up and be the org admin.
>> >
>> > If the board doesn't have any objections that is :)
>> >
>> > A number of folks have reached and offered assistance to help me over
>> > the n00b potholes, so I should be able to get up and running fairly
>> > quickly.
>> Thanks, bear!
>> Just FYI, he and I have been working on the application and will submit
>> it tomorrow.
>> /psa
> --
> Safa Sofuoğlu


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