[Members] Minutes of annual XSF meeting 2010-10-25

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at ag-software.de
Tue Oct 26 01:51:05 CST 2010

The log of the meeting is here:

The agenda is here:

1. Call for Quorum

A quorum was established via proxy voting. 40 members were voting by
proxy via memberbot.

2. Items Subject to a Vote

Topic 2a. Board Election
Topic 2b. Council Election

Topic 3. Opportunity for XSF Members to Vote in the Meeting

No members voted during the meeting, since all members in attendance had
previously voted via memberbot.

Topic 4. Announcement of Voting Results

Topic 4a. Board Election

Jack Moffit		38	2	95
Florian Jensen		37	3	92,5
Will Sheward		37	3	92,5
Mike Taylor		33	7	82,5
Nicolas Verite		22	18	55
Guillaume Le Gales	20	20	50

The new XMPP Board consist of Jack Moffit, Florian Jensen, Will Sheward, 
Mike Taylor, Nicolas Verite

Topic 4b. Council Election

Kevin Smith		37	3	92,5
Matthew Wild		32	8	80
Matthew Miller		30	10	75
Ralph Meijer		26	14	65
Nathanael Fritz		24	16	60
Tobias Markmann		19	21	47,5
Waqas Hussain		18	22	45
Abhinav Singh		8	32	20

The new XMPP Council consist of Kevin Smith, Matthew Wild, Matthew 
Miller, Ralph Meijer, Nathanael Fritz

Congrats to our new Board and Council.

5. Any Other Business?

a) voting process for Board and Council elections
Kevin Smith raised an issue with the current voting process where you 
have only 5 Yes votes for all Council applicants. It would be possible 
when we have some very strong candidates that the other candidates don't 
reach 50% Yes votes required by our bylaws and we can't fill all 5 
Council seats. The same applies to the Board. We will discuss this 
further on the memberlist and have to decide how we proceed before the 
next board & council vote

b) new webpage
Currently we serve content on the old and the new pages. This confuses 
visitors. We will move all content to the new page ASAP and setup all 
redirects. More disussions about this on the comm team list.

6. Formal Adjournment


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