[Members] XSF Board Meeting 2011-08-03 Minutes

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Wed Aug 3 17:35:55 UTC 2011

Minutes, XSF Board meeting
xsf at muc.xmpp.org

- Mike Taylor (Board chair)
- Peter Saint-Andre (executive director)
- Will Sheward (Board member)
- Florian Jensen (Board member)

- Jack Moffitt (Board member)
- Nicolas Verite (Board member)

- moving to a weekly meeting
 +1 from Florian, WFM from Peter.  Mike to email board list to confirm

- changing the time
 time works for everyone else, Mike will make it WFM

- schedule membership meeting for new members
 Peter will ping Alex about announcing and scheduling the meeting

- email members about board/council candidates
 Wiki page for 2011 election to be filled out when membership meeting is known

- discussion of charter/rules change for attendance?
 A discussion happened on the members list about the fact that
missed-vote rules being vague, but nothing was driven to consensus.
Mike to email the members about that question and asking if enough
consensus was reached to make a request to the Board


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