[Members] XEP-0070 on xmpp.org?

jehan at zemarmot.net jehan at zemarmot.net
Thu Aug 11 06:06:05 UTC 2011


I just developped a Wordpress plugin which allows to log-in and 
comment using XEP-0070.
Basically that's like openID, but with XMPP: when you log-in, instead 
of writing down a password, you just give your username and if you 
previously filled the JID field in your profile (this field exists by 
default on Wordpress), you'll get a XMPP message asking you to confirm 
the access request.

That will work if your client supports XEP-0070 (both Gajim and Psi 
for instance will display a nice pop-up); and will fallback to a IM 
message where you can answer ok/no otherwise but will require that your 
client supports at least message threads (if your client don't, you can 
answer as you want, it won't work).

I set up a small demo on http://demo.zemarmot.net/wp/
Feel free to create an account and test the login. The transaction 
identifier is not a password. You just set anything you want in it 
(this is a security measure in XEP-0070 to avoid an attack at the same 
second when you try to connect) and when the request comes in through 
XMPP, it should be repeated.

You can also post comments as anonymous user (I don't ask a 
transaction id here. I use the comment as one).

Of course, if I post this on the members list, that's because I think 
xmpp.org could be a nice place to install such a plugin. The comment 
feature in particular will be a nice demo of XMPP to visitors (any user 
visiting xmpp.org has probably a JID, and that's a good spam filter in 
the same time).
That's it. Enjoy.


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