[Members] Consultants

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Mon Jul 25 14:46:40 UTC 2011

On 7/25/11 10:17 AM, Dave Cridland wrote:
> I've been asked today for someone I can recommend for consultancy,
> again. As usual, my first step was to think of people I know whose
> skills fit, and who might be available, and it got me thinking...
> 1) We have lists for clients, servers, and libraries - should we have
> one for consultants, too?
> 2) If we did, should this list be restricted to members who are
> available for consultancy? (A perk of membership, if you like).

I like perks of membership.

> 3) Or, should we have a directory of members, which could list people as
> consultants, provide links to businesses and projects, as well as
> providing contact details for members?

Is there an implied XSF seal of approval regarding the persons listed?

> (FWIW, this was also partly sparked by my realisation that although I've
> an XSF group in my roster, it has only 35 people in, instead of everyone).

Shared rosters!


Peter Saint-Andre

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