[Members] Membership applications

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 12:45:20 UTC 2011


I have announced the new application period according to our latest
bylaw changes last week on the standards and jdev mailing lists.

According to my records the following XSF members have to reapply.

* David Czech
* Debo Dutta
* Ludovic Gilbon
* Tony Shen
* Abhinav Singh
* Douglas Abbink
* Aaron Axelsen
* Diana Cionoiu
* Sebastiaan Deckers
* Peter Ferne
* Nathanael Fritz
* Joe Hildebrand
* Florian Jensen
* Bartosz Malkowski
* Tobias Markmann
* Ralph Meijer
* Dirk Meyer
* Matthew Miller
* Edwin Mons
* Peter Saint-Andre
* Jonathan Schleifer
* Jonathan Siegle
* Remko Tronçon
* Nicolas Vérité

re-appliers should already have a Wiki account for creating their
application page at:

I have not scheduled a meeting yet. Are there any preferences for a date?
Who announces the application period on xmpp.org?

Alexander Gnauck
xmpp:gnauck at jabber.org

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