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Ludovic BOCQUET lbxmpp at live.com
Wed Jun 29 10:33:03 UTC 2011

Le 29/06/2011 08:05, Waqas Hussain a écrit :
> On Wed, Jun 29, 2011 at 9:49 AM,  <jehan at zemarmot.net> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> this blog post is pretty strange (not yours, the source). It says that
>> Microsoft Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger use XMPP as their communication
>> protocol… So are we closer to real federation than we thought and all
>> major closed networks are already using the standards in secret, or is
>> this poster totally out? Or is it me and did I miss some major
>> information at some point???
> That first article is misinformed.
> The other post on GigaOM is better, and says the opposite for
> Microsoft: "Microsoft’s own Windows Live Messenger currently doesn’t
> support XMPP"
> Yahoo and others have experimented with XMPP, and any federation
> between these networks will likely use XMPP. That said, I think actual
> open XMPP use is unlikely for any of these services, at least in the
> next couple of years. There just isn't much incentive for it.
>> Also he adds "and *most* Jabber IM networks" (which shows he did not
>> get this words are basically "historical synonyms").
>> And finally if we look at the original release note (by following the
>> links on the blog) where he got his information probably, I am not sure
>> that we can cry victory right now. It looks more like they made the
>> Skype client multi-protocol (and *only* for Facebook servers) and that
>> you can enter your Facebook login to connect, not that there is any
>> interaction between your Skype login and the Facebook login. Has anyone
>> a Windows to test this?
>> I am not sure at this point there is any interoperability wish other
>> than surfing on the Facebook trend.
> I agree.
>> Jehan
it is better ?


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