[Members] Fwd: [FOSDEM] Call for stands, devroom talks and lightning talks

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed Nov 16 11:03:57 UTC 2011

On Wed Nov 16 10:41:39 2011, Edwin Mons wrote:
> On 16/11/11 11:30, Dave Cridland wrote:
>> On Wed Nov 16 10:02:41 2011, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>>> * Manning a stand
>>> We offer open source projects a place for a stand in the hallways.
>>> Stands can be used to share information, demo software, sell
>>> merchandising, give away goodies and so forth.
>>> Stands allow projects to present themselves to the visitors in a  
>>> more
>>> personal fashion.
>>> See http://fosdem.org/2012/call-for-stands for more details
>> I'd also like us to have a stand, but also use it a little more  
>> constructively than previous years. In particular, I'd like to  
>> have some timed demos. What I'm looking for is to showcase  
>> unusual, exciting, shiny, or just plain clever projects built on  
>> XMPP - not to get technical information over, but just to spark  
>> interest.
> +1

Obviously we'd also sell t-shirts, and hang about answering questions  

Can we get O'Reilly and Wiley to get some books for us, maybe, too?

>>> * Talking in a devroom
>>> We will be hosting 25 (!) different devrooms, covering a broader
>>> spectrum of the open source landscape than any year before.
> *bobbit*
>> Erm... Anyone any idea why ours isn't listed? (Nor on the website).
> We /are/ listed here: http://fosdem.org/2012/devrooms_for_2012

Ah, yes - they've added Distribution Miniconf (which that URI says  
doesn't count) and removed us.

It'd be rather nice to clear that one up... Stop me being so nervous.  

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