[Members] Researching large scale server stats

bear bear42 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 22:40:51 UTC 2011

I'm doing some background work for information about running large
scale XMPP servers.  This information will help me answer some
questions that I'm getting from folks at Mozilla where I have been
increasing my internal push for them to use XMPP (in any form.)

Nothing should be read into these questions except that smart folks at
Mozilla are asking smart questions :)

1. What are general costs for running very large scale XMPP servers?
I'm not looking to get into a whose-product-scales-best war, just
looking for information on how many users per server is "average" and
what type of server is required to support that user count.
2. Does the answer to question 1 change when "large scale" is measured
in 100k users or 1M users?
3. What happens when you start adding other XMPP features like BOSH or
MUC to the system?

again, this is me getting the conversation started - eventually I'll
need to get this into a wiki format and start looking for
tests/studies to firm up this information using today's server tech.



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