[Members] XSF Board Meeting minutes

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Wed Oct 12 17:29:54 UTC 2011

Minutes, XSF Board meeting
xsf at muc.xmpp.org

Florian Jensen (Board member)
Mike Taylor (Board chair)
Will Sheward (Board member)
various XSF members

Peter Saint-Andre (Executive Director)
Jack Moffitt (Board member)
Nicolas Vérité (Board member)

- voting problems
 - need to restore older version of "contact *these* folks to get a
wiki account"
 - need to find out when mystery board member sent their wiki access
request - did they give enough time
 - was Waqas added to the vote already?  if so then we need to reset
just for that
*editors note*: lots of discussion here, not even going to try and
give a blow-by-blow
- email is being sent to Alex to inquire about when the mystery board
person sent their email. This will decide if the board proposes one of
the following:
 (1): Reopens applications until (i.e.) Sunday. All existing votes
will be cleared and the process restarted.
 (2): Reset all existing votes and restart the voting process without
the mystery board member and Waqas.


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