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Wed Oct 26 18:47:59 UTC 2011

On Wed Oct 26 18:07:52 2011, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> My apologies, but I did not understand that those were the options.  
> I
> thought we were (a) not re-opening the application period (was  
> there a
> reason to do that?)

The reasoning was that if we were basically saying that there was an  
issue which meant that some people were unable to formally apply by  
the deadline, and were letting those specific people who had made  
this known through, there may be others we didn't know about who were  
unable (or, perhaps, too embarrassed) to mention it, so we needed to  
reopen to be entirely fair.

The alternative would be to say that they had simply missed the  
deadline, and too bad.

As it happens, I lean heavily toward any chance of getting more  

>  and (b) restarting the voting process.

Which I think there was no real question about.

It seems I'm the only one arguing that anything has gone wrong here,  
so this will be my final post on the matter.

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