[Members] XSF Board meeting at 1630+0000

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed Feb 22 08:54:27 UTC 2012

We have an XSF Board meeting this afternoon.

As usual, members are welcome to pop along.

There's two items on the agenda:

1) Appointment of various XSF Officers.

This is Article VI of the By-Laws, for those wishing to sing along at  

I doubt this is a contentious item; but if you have concerns with the  
positions, please say so on the list, in the meeting, or alternately  
contact me privately if you'd prefer. In the absence of comment, I'll  
personally be assuming, and arguing for, the retention of the  
incumbents (basically Alex and Peter).

The Officer positions are:

- Executive Director (Currently Peter Saint-Andre)
- XSF Secretary (Currently Alex Gnauck)
- XSF Treasurer (Currently Peter Saint-Andre)

(There's also the Chair, but that was selected earlier - I'm happy to  
include that position if anyone wants to, and if you wish to propose  
this indirectly, please contact another Board member or Officer).

Note that as with all voting items in Board meetings, members don't  
get a vote.

2) A post-mortem of FOSDEM. Members' opinions are welcome (and  


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