[Members] signin-to-browser initial architecture proposal

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed May 2 14:54:23 UTC 2012

On Wed May  2 15:25:45 2012, Arc Riley wrote:
> I've had a few conversations with Dan Callahan (who was just hired  
> by
> Mozilla to work on BrowserID) about using XMPP as an identity  
> mechanism.
> He seemed receptive to the idea.
> Personally I'd like to see this go a lot further than identity but  
> there'd
> need to be a lot of work on defining a standard security model for  
> allowing
> websites to (eg) send messages on behalf of a user, subscribe to  
> pubsub
> nodes, use adhoc commands, etc via javascript.
Right, I'd like that too. (Not the sending messages on behalf of a  
user, but providing pubsub support for websites, and things).

But this initial project would be limited to identity (ie, BrowserID,  
etc), I'd have thought.

> I'd like to point out that XMPP is already getting integrated with
> browsers, but not in the way we'd prefer - Google is integrating
> gTalk/Hangouts with Chrome and pushing it as a plugin to gmail/g+  
> users.

I didn't think this worked via XMPP, actually. (I don't know why I  
thought that, mind).

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