[Members] signin-to-browser initial architecture proposal

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed May 2 15:28:36 UTC 2012

On Wed May  2 15:45:28 2012, jehan at zemarmot.net wrote:
> And I am happy to help with spec and code with all this if we have  
> some nice project going on. :-)

I'm hearing muted support, but no objections, currently. I'd prefer  
to hear more support before we go for this.

I don't think there's yet been any consideration of how we'd pay for  
this - in terms of whether we'd go for bounties, or whatever.

Finally, I don't know what our budget is, quite yet... The XSF has  
some cash we could use, but I'd aim to get some industry cash as well.

> I can adapt my plugin if needed to have it demo-ing on xmpp.org, I  
> can even give the copyright to the XSF.

I'd note that your plugin in sandbox-side, I assume - that is, it's  
not "in the browser", but "in the webpage", so I'm not sure how  
useful it will be.

I've not stopped to consider licensing questions, personally. I  
generally dislike assignment (it's complex, legally, and gives me  
moral quibbles) and code has well-understood licensing semantics, so  
something along the lines of BSD inbound to the XSF sounds sane to me.

Really, we just need the stuff written, and working - I'm not sure I  
care who actually owns it, as long as we're able to use it to  
demonstrate the system works.

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