[Members] FOSDEM devrooms

Ralph Meijer ralphm at ik.nu
Mon Oct 29 15:37:26 UTC 2012

Dear XSF Members,

During my visit to RealtimeConf and XMPP Summit #11, the kind people of 
FOSDEM have announced the list of accepted devrooms for the 2013 edition 
of FOSDEM. Included therein a Jabber/XMPP room on Saturday and a 
Telephony room on Sunday. There has been a bit of discussion on similar 
proposals for those rooms, and I am unsure who is actually responsible 
for the latter room, but I assume it is Matthew Jordan. Naturally, the 
former room is under our supervision.

Given that discussion I'd like to see that we can also cater for talks 
from the other two proposals concerning "Free, Open, Secure 
Communications" by Peter Saint-André and "Federated and P2P 
VoIP/IM/Real-time communications" by Daniel Pocock, where I assume the 
latter fits more in the other room.

Any volunteers for writing a nice call for participation in our room?

A copy of this message is sent to all involved with these devrooms.


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