Alexander Gnauck gnauck at gmail.com
Tue Aug 13 13:02:28 UTC 2013

I've started proxy voting via xmpp:memberbot at jabber.org  on the membership
applications listed here:

I propose that we continue the proxy voting until the close of business on
August 28th and hold a meeting on August 29th to formally approve the
voting results.

The meeting particulars are:
Date: 2013-08-29
Time: 19:00 UTC
Location: xmpp:xsf at muc.xmpp.org


When you have problems with memberbot please contact my directly by email
or xmpp.

Sorry for the big delay in this voting period. I was moving to a new home
and office over the last 4 weeks with lots of surpises, including loss of
internet for 2 weeks because somebody cut my wires in the street ;-)

Alexander Gnauck
xmpp:gnauck at jabber.org
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