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On 15/02/2013, at 8:14 PM, Dave Cridland <dave at cridland.net> wrote:

> Seems like it's down to me to provide a dissenting view. Well, I do like being the awkward one.
> Looking after the XEPs is our core business. This has implications on the services we choose to outsource.
> If you want to outsource the bulk of the website, I could go along with that. But I think the lifetime of the XEPs, from birth to final publication, should be entirely within our control.
> We don't run the mailing lists ourselves for fun, we do so because they are where the XEPs are born. They grow in our git repository. They get published on a section of our website.
> These services should, I feel, remain within the XSF's control.
> Dave.

I can se where Dave's coming from here but the argument is flawed as Github's role is to look after organisations code, which for many of them is also their core business, writing software.

I'd say it's down to do the people/persons who look after the internal resource and if they want to continue to do that. If not then outsourcing is the way forward. 

It's not like we're giving the outsourcer the only copy of the code, they're just providing a single copy mirror to facilitate management and don't forget, it's also a reputable off site backup.. 


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