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Simon Tennant simon at buddycloud.com
Sun May 26 19:07:32 UTC 2013

I hit send a bit to early on that last one.

My point is it's easy to get all fired up about Google dropping XMPP. But
we don't do ourselves any favours by suggesting Google release a hobbled
version of hangouts because a spec dictates.

I'm not convinced by rebuttals. It puts the XSF on the back foot and we're
playing catch up. And besides, nobody except us really cares for spec

Far better for us to come out with an "open hangouts" spec that shows this
can be done with XMPP rather than rebutting individual statements. We're
never going to win that game.

This was my thinking on the topic and how we could enable hangout-like
features within buddycloud:
a long read and buddycloud specific)

I'd be happy to put some time towards a more general XSF proposal for "open
hangouts" driven by requirements of:

- group communication
- reliable message delivery
- mobile friendly
- message history

Google building hangouts outside of XMPP shows that there is a need for
group communication that just works.

Now our job is to build great specs, that serve real needs. Not complaining
when people don't use them.


On 26 May 2013 20:42, Simon Tennant <simon at buddycloud.com> wrote:

> Easy Gentlemen.
> @dave: you do realise that hangouts are inherently multiuser chats
> with file sharing and message history?
> How exactly do you propose that Google should have built hangouts? Please
> don't suggest MUC: this has to work on mobile too.
> S.
> On 26 May 2013 19:12, Ralph Meijer <ralphm at ik.nu> wrote:
>> Dave Cridland <dave at cridland.net> wrote:
>> >Sorry for the top posting, on the phone, but I do think we should be
>> >putting together a detailed rebuttal on technical grounds.
>> >
>> >If Google wishes to create a walled garden for business reasons,
>> >they're
>> >free to do that, despite my strong feelings that this is not the best
>> >solution for their users. Their shareholders are their primary concern,
>> >I
>> >do appreciate this.
>> >
>> >I do however see no possible excuse for their constant misinformation
>> >about
>> >XMPP, and their attempts to justify a business decision on false
>> >technical
>> >grounds, at our expense as an organisation and individually, must be
>> >challenged.
>> This!
>> >I'm happy to devote some time to this rebuttal.
>> As am I. Also, feel free to use any of the text I wrote about this since
>> last week.
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>> ralphm
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