[Members] Google and XMPP federation

Emil Ivov emcho at jitsi.org
Mon May 27 07:04:07 UTC 2013

On 26.05.13, 22:21, Simon Tennant wrote:
> On 26 May 2013 21:01, Emil Ivov <emcho at jitsi.org
> <mailto:emcho at jitsi.org>> wrote:
>     The problem are really the claims that Google seem to be making, that
>     kind of say: "We'll stop XMPP federation and 3d party clients, because
>     the technology is not working for us any more".
> Sure they can start with two people and that will work just fine. But
> add a third person and this all breaks. So either Google has to explain
> this in the UI somehow, (and explain why you can't send a file to remote
> user).

I believe this argument is often overblown. I don't see the difficulty
in making this visible to the user: you disable the option for adding
more people to a chat with a federated user and you don't show federated
users among those that can be added to a hangout (or you grey them out
with a tooltip).

This seems to be exactly how they are already handling this.

I certainly don't think this is more confusing than trying to understand
why it is possible to chat with  myfriend at a.example.com while it is
impossible to chat with myotherfriend at b.example.com

> I guess they saw that perhaps less than one percent uses custom built
> XMPP clients and took the call to release something sooner rather than
> later.

Maybe. Although when they've done this before it was always accompanied
by publishing a private XEP that others could implement and, in a few
cases such as Jingle, continuing work on the topic with the XSF.

This doesn't seem to be happening this time which makes me think that
time to market hasn't been the only concern.



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