[Members] Members abstaining from membership votes

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at ag-software.de
Fri May 31 11:23:35 UTC 2013

> For a member who is still involved and doing stuff with XMPP, and even
> with some of the standards, but who doesn't necessarily read all the
> mail for all the mailing lists, how can they judge if they would like
> them to be a member?

I think membership is more that reading all the lists. Most of the lists
are technical stuff. And I personally think it would be good for the XSF to
have more "none technical" members involved.

The suggested change is to allow them to abstain on individual
> membership applications (currently it is yes/no, and you are required
> to vote one way or the other as part of your membership duties) such
> that the "I have to vote yes because I have no idea who this person is
> and so can't block them just because I don't work in the same area"
> problem goes away.

Abstain is fine for me, I also thought about this before. But how do we
count the votes then? Count the majority of the yes/no voters? Do we need
bylaw changes for this?

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