[Members] Board Meeting Minutes, 2013-11-13T16:30Z

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed Nov 13 17:26:05 UTC 2013


 - Dave Cridland
 - Laura Gill
 - Ralph Meijer
 - Simon Tennant

Dave Cridland acted as Chair for the purposes of this meeting.

1. The Board voted to accept the minutes of the AGM on 2013-10-29; all
those present voted in favour.

2. The Board made the decision to defer selection of the Chair until the
next meeting.

3. The Board agreed to hold the next meeting at the same time and same day
next week; this being 2013-11-20T16:30Z

 - Laura raised the suggestion that we should ensure we are able to do
video meetings; Ralph suggested using Hangouts for this.

4. Goals for the year. (Ralph raised this as AOB).

After some discussion, it was decided to hold a meeting specifically on
this issue in two weeks, provisionally at 2013-11-27T16:30Z

5. FOSDEM Planning (AOB raised by Dave)

Ralph agreed we need to start planning this, and noted some key issues.
Laura proposed we should return to this topic in a week.

Ralph agreed to lead the FOSDEM and Summit activity.
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