[Members] Formalizing Informal Liaisons

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed Nov 27 12:02:10 UTC 2013


One more thing to think about, while I'm creating work the the Board. :-)

You may have noticed that the Board formalized a procedure for Liaisons -
formal relationships with other Standards Organizations - in the last
meeting. The essential procedure is that the XMPP Council nominates a small
number (1-3) of XSF Members who'll form a Work Team, and the Board will
ratify (or not) that nomination.

I was wondering, though, about informal Liaisons - for example, Simon's
touched base with the Mozilla guys, and we were chatting about arkOS in the
XSF chatroom the other day.

How do people feel about officially reaching out to these kinds of groups
and projects in roughly the same manner as we do for SDOs?

So we'd identify, for example, that Mozilla could potentially use XMPP, and
we'd get a small team together who could approach Mozilla and offer them
help - with the full backing and support of the XSF. I'm particularly
wondering if this would lend some weight, particularly to the initial
contact, and also provide some solid backup and support for people doing
the technical evaluation.

I'd be rather happier if the liaison teams for these kinds of things were
at least mostly self-selecting, in which case the general thing would be a
couple of members approaching the Council, the Council finding an extra
body to help if needed and passing it onto the Board to stamp. I appreciate
that'll introduce a level of bureaucracy that's not ideal, but that should,
hopefully, be the limit of it.

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