[Members] voting update 3

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at gmail.com
Tue Oct 29 13:07:13 UTC 2013

According to me records the following 35 members voted

stpeter (at) jabber.org
artur.hefczyc (at) gmail.com
dwd (at) dave.cridland.net
lbocquet (at) jabber.org
remko (at) el-tramo.be
kurt.zeilenga (at) isode.com
peter.waher (at) jabber.org
jsiegle (at) chat.psu.edu
jabberjocke (at) jabber.se
zash (at) zash.se
winfried (at) tilanus.com
ralphm (at) ik.nu
me (at) matthewwild.co.uk
lloyd.watkin (at) surevine.com
arcriley (at) gmail.com
fippo (at) goodadvice.pages.de
alexey.melnikov (at) isode.com
intosi (at) ik.nu
dthompson (at) gmail.com
wayne.franklin (at) jabber.org
bschumac (at) cisco.com
lance (at) lance.im
linuxwolf (at) outer-planes.net
kevin (at) doomsong.co.uk
tm (at) ayena.de
admin (at) im.flosoft.biz
ashley.ward (at) surevine.com
tofu (at) thetofu.com
florob (at) babelmonkeys.de
hildjj (at) jabber.org
zooldk (at) gmail.com
bmalkow (at) malkowscy.net
bear (at) bear.im
jack (at) metajack.im
gnauck (at) jabber.org

with 61% turnout we have a quorum already.
This is a very important vote with great candidates. So please vote if you
have not done yet. Memberbot will be online until our meeting starts today
at 19.00UTC.

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