[Members] Realtime at FOSDEM

Ralph Meijer ralphm at ik.nu
Mon Sep 16 07:59:41 UTC 2013

On 2012-12-27 23:11, Wynke Stulemeijer wrote:
> Hi Ralph,
> I am pleased to inform you that your proposal for a stand at FOSDEM 2013
> has been accepted. We have reserved the space that was the Real Time
> Lounge last year for you and Jitsi. We have planned two tables in that
> location for each of you. I'm sending a Cc: of this message to Emil from
> Jitsi.

Hi all,

The Real Time Lounge, in combination with a Jitsi, was a big success
again, so we would like to repeat that in 2014.


Ralph Meijer
XMPP Council

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