[Members] XSF Membership Applications

Ashley Ward ash.wardly at gmail.com
Wed Apr 30 09:41:04 UTC 2014

On 30 Apr 2014, at 10:26, Edwin Mons <jsf at edwinm.ik.nu> wrote:

> On 30/04/14 10:31, Dave Cridland wrote:
>> On 30 April 2014 07:18, Edwin Mons <jsf at edwinm.ik.nu> wrote:
>> Oh, that's complicated.
>> We certainly shouldn't assume that the vote of the company is the same as Ben's personal vote.
> True.  I think it's not unreasonable for the XSF to require all members to use a distinct, unique JID, if only to avoid this ambiguity.

+1 - we need some kind of primary key for members and a jid makes sense. Otherwise we just have to assign numbers and who wants to be just a number.

Does this mean we should update the update to the by-laws?


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