[Members] 2014-02-26 Minutes

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed Feb 26 17:21:55 UTC 2014

These minutes are unapproved.


Ralph [Acting Chair], Simon, Dave.
Apologies from Laura.

1. Spam Protection.

Dave noted that the new editors list is being inundated with spam, and
suggested the Board may wish to authorize use of actual money for a spam
filtering service. Ralph and Dave were both in favour in principle, subject
to a specific proposal from iteam. Simon suggested that the mailing lists
themselves might be outsourced, Ralph and Dave agreed this was a core

2. XEP-0001

A brief heads-up and recap of the discussion in Council.

Further noted that the Approving Body of XEP-0001 is the XSF Board.

3. ProtoXEP: "Form of Membership Applications"

Dave noted that the Editorial Team hasn't announced this yet, but it's
submitted, and has the Approving Body as the XSF Board. It provides a
proposal for the "Form of Membership Applications" to be approved by the
Board persuant to the XSF By Laws.

4. Editorial Team report (As AOB)

Matthew Miller (Editor-in-Chief) gave a recap of yesterday's Editorial Team

 - The Team had its first meeting yesterday, during which Peter Saint-Andre
gave a brain-dump of the processes he's followed all these years.
 - The editor at xmpp.org address was changed into a mailing list.
 - They have some documents  they're working through on processes,
templates, etc.
 - Matthew is currently the only member of the team with the right access
 - Work is underway to give the rest of the team the requisite access

Dave noted some website changes are needed, Matthew noted he may be able to
make these now.

5. IETF Activity blog post (As AOB)

Simon asked for a volunteer attending the IETF to write up a blog post of
the XSF's activities there.

6. Date of Next Meeting.

+2 weeks: 2014-03-12T16:30Z

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